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(Thanks to @bsidesnash for sharing the base of this document with me. I ethically stole most of this from them.)

Roles and Responsibilities

Registration/Information Desk

You are the hub of the conference, knower of all the things (including the critical knowledge of bathroom locations). You are the starting point of every participant's journey at BSides BHAM. Knowing the alphabet is helpful ;-).

You may be required to sub in other areas, depending on need.  This position is high energy in the morning and substantially slower after lunch.
  ● Check people in and provide badges and anything else we provide
  ● Provide basic directions; where the rooms are, where to find the bathroom
  ● Occasionally cover for other positions
Arrival Time
  ● First Shift: Time of shift start
  ● All others: 10 minutes before shift start so you can get an overview of where things are and what needs to be done. 

Room Monitor

You are the keeper of the room. Providing access until the fire code limit is met. This is a low energy position. You should have a watch or a cell phone that is set to silent.

  ● Ensure that the talk begins on time by closing the door
  ● Ensure that the talk ends on time by holding up signs that note minutes left
  ● If anyone is not appropriate, you can feel free to ask them to leave, or fetch a BSides staff member and they will deal with it immediately
  ● If a door is loud, help people to close it slowly
Arrival Time
  ● Ten minutes before scheduled shift 


You can do anything and everything at lightning speed. The mighty runner is sometimes required to actually run. Responsibilities vary based on need. You may need to cover for someone who did not show up. You may need to get coffee. You may need to track down an errant speaker. You may need to help a sponsor. You may be sent on a scavenger hunt for this one thing we really need. You may get to hang out with really cool speakers. This is a high energy position.
  ● Just about anything; carry boxes, drive your car to get something, find people, cover at the info desk, track down a BSides staff person, trade out t-shirts, direct the flow of people, etc etc
Arrival Time
  ● First Shift: At the shift start time
  ● All others: Ten minutes before shift start time 


You are stern and yet blend in. Low energy high attention span position
  ● Keep BSides safe
  ● If a BSides staff asks you to escort someone from the building, do it
  ● Monitor rooms and Workshop/Village areas for those without badges
  ● If something horrible happens, you will be the one to guide people to safety
Arrival Time
  ● 10 minutes prior to your shift 

Setup/Take Down

The first people to arrive and/or the last to leave. You create a flow for people to follow as they make their way to the info desk and then to our talks and sponsors. A medium energy position. 
  ● Setting up tables, posting signage, carrying and opening boxes, moving tables, tearing down tables, collecting signage, putting things into boxes and closing them. We could need someone to pick something up at the store for us, but hopefully not.
Arrival Time
  ● Setup: Time of shift start
  ● Tear Down: We start tearing down during the last talk, and may, depending on what is going on, sometimes start earlier. You do not need to arrive for official duties until your scheduled shift